Deva curl:  Trial and Travel Kit

Deva curl: Trial and Travel Kit


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Product Description

What it is
Our airport-friendly travel kit features the DevaCurl essentials packaged in convenient 3oz. bottles.

Set Contents
3 oz. No-Poo™ Zero Lather Cleanser
3 oz. DevaCurl One Condition
3 oz. Light Defining Gel
3 oz. Set It Free Moisture-Lock Spray

How to Use it
Step 1: Wet curls thoroughly. Apply a liberal amount of No-Poo cleanser between palms, and work vigorously throughout your scalp and gently through the ends of your hair. Rinse well.
Step 2: Apply a generous amount of One Condition to wet hair and use fingertips to gently glide through curls. Rinse. For extra hydration, reapply a small amount. Do not rinse.
Step 3: Tilt head forward and scrunch wet curls in an upward motion. Apply gel between palms and glide through hair. Scrunch upward toward the scalp to define curls. Once dry, scrunch curls again to release the moisture-protective cast and reveal soft, beautiful curls.
Step 4: Mist Set it Free generously all over wet or dry hair whenever you need maximum protection from frizz


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