Ouidad: PlayCurl Curl Amplifying Styling Spray

Ouidad: PlayCurl Curl Amplifying Styling Spray


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Product Description

Key Product Benefits

  • Instantly awakens and perks up curls
  • Builds body and volume from within
  • A lightweight hold locks in styles without weighing down curls

When Loose Curls lose moisture, they become limp, lifeless and flat. Loose Curls need internal weight and substance to take shape but need to avoid products that create volume with external polymers that elongate and weigh down the curl pattern. Loose Curls need to boost fullness from the inside, as adding weight on the outside only suppresses the curl pattern.

PlayCurl Curl Amplifying Styling Sprayreplenishes moisture and adds proteins to build curl thickness from within to boost curl formation. Lightweight polymers help lock in the natural curl pattern with a lightweight lasting hold that won’t stretch out Loose Curls. The result is curls with spring, body and definition.


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