Rene Furterer: Triphasic vht atp intensif

Rene Furterer: Triphasic vht atp intensif


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Product Description

Hereditary thinning hair, caused by genetics, most commonly affects men. TRIPHASIC regenerating treatment acts at the follicle level, the origin of new hair, to counteract thinning hair with a convenient, natural and scientifically proven triple patented formula that specifically targets the three major causes of hereditary thinning hair: Vascular, Hormonal and Tissular. It works directly on these factors with three active phases that result in stronger hair growth while existing hair growth is protected.


This new formula contains 3 active steps, for 3 targeted actions: a tissue action with ATP INTENSIF which is the source of essential energy for hair follicles that are the source of new hairs; vascular action with Pfaffia promotes the vascularization and microcirculation of the scalp; hormone action from Hydrolyzed Curbicia ensures efficacy in regulating sebum secretion allowing the scalp to be more covered and less visible.


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